How Tall Is Crypto Apex

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What is crypto’s best ability Apex Legends?

Crypto has the potential to be a powerful ally and threatening foe, and here’s how to make the most of his abilities in Apex Legends. Crypto’s tactical ability, and by far his most useful ability, is his Surveillance Drone. This drone can be controlled by you and flown around the battlefield at leisure.

What does crypto's Hitbox look like?

Without further ado, let's dig in and start with the hitbox. Crypto is fairly tall and slim, his hitbox is around the middle of the spectrum. He does not have an increased or decreased damage factor, like Gibraltar or Wraith. I believe he fits somewhere between Mirage and Pathfinder.

How to find out more information about Apex Legends characters?

All the info has been revealed by Respawn and it is available on the video game website. Respawn provided a brief biography on each character in the game, which includes full name, age, home world, and background history. All the information is freely accessible on the Electronic Arts website under the section dedicated to Apex Legends.

What is the real age of crypto's home planet?

Crypto's age is officially listed as 31 but it was seemingly retconned to be about 22-23 via a motion comic released in Season 9. Tom Casiello refused to comment on this. His real name, age, home planet, etc were labeled as [Error] until season 5.