How the absence of Suresh Raina will Impact Dhoni’s Squad in IPL 2020

Suresh Raina will Impact Dhoni's Squad in IPL 2020

Suresh Raina has left a void which will be difficult to fill. 

Suresh Raina won’t be available for the much awaited IPL season and is back in the county due to some personal reasons. Chennai Super Kings has decided to offer the much needed support to Suresh and his family during these times. 

The CEO of CSK or Chennai Super Kings, Kasi Viswanathan conveyed this message through the official handle on Twitter, on Saturday morning. All this while Raina has been an indispensable part of CSK, just like M S Dhoni and the absence will hit IPL Champions in a drastic manner. 

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The last 12 seasons have witnessed Raina in an incredible form as in the last 193 matches he scored 5,368 runs for CSK. He acts like a glue in the team’s batting.

Raina has been pacing his innings at No. 3 and this is what makes him stand apart from the rest. He is also capable of upping the ante corresponding to the death overs. He is an all rounder batsman and this has been proven by the 137 IPL strike rate.

If in his absence, Dhoni is all set to establish himself up in order, then things will be taking a different turn for the team. The unavailability of the all rounder Raina will force the team to organise things in a different manner, in terms of batting.