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How to chat with yourself in WhatsApp to take notes or remember a grocery list

This one feature of ‘Note to Self’ is still missing in WhatsApp. The users can text important messages which they need to remember to themselves in this feature. The things which they need to remember but might forget like a shopping list, or calling someone, or messaging something later to someone can be sent to self-using this feature.

WhatsApp allows the users to star the messages for any future reference, the feature has specific limitations when compared to the ‘note to self’ feature. In the note to self feature, the user can message himself and an instant messaging app show them in a separate chat window. It makes searching of notes easy and also syncing of the notes across the devices linked becomes simple.

The same notes can get backed up with other messages and data. The feature is already available in other messaging apps like Signal and Telegram, but the question remains as to how do we get that in WhatsApp? Here is a step-by-step guide to being followed to do so:

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