I Care a Lot Movie Review: A Great Movie on Netflix

David Fincher must be congratulated for watching Rosamund Pike in Pride & Prejudice, like all of us, but he was the only one to have noticed that she had a hint of mania in her eyes. It was only for Fincher, who had famously played the role of Pike against type in Gone Girl, or else Hollywood might have pigeonholed her into a forgettable action sequel, or simply playing sharply dressed attorneys opposite to any white male actor who was hot at that time.

But thankfully we had the pleasure of watching her flex her inner psychopath in J Blakeson’s directorial I Care a Lot, on Netflix out in India and other territories on the streaming platform Amazon Prime Video. The movie is a mashup of many genres. Initially, it starts as a dark comedy, about a scheming woman, and later it turns out into a crime film midway and blossoms into a full-scale satire in the end. 

Ros Pike plays a high-stakes grafter named Marla, who always scams old people, and assumes their guardianship by proving that they are unfit to take care of themselves. Once the oldies come under her care, she takes over all their assets and properties and robs them of their life savings. She does all this broad daylight and works within the legal parameters. She walks confidently through the loopholes in the law. The oldies eventually render helpless, by the same legal machinery which was created to protect them. 

Marla has many corrupt men and women working for her within the judiciary system, and healthcare sector, and the living facility where she shifts her prey. Everyone gets their share of the pie, and Marla gets the largest. But her newest victim turns out to be the mother of a Russian gangster and things start moving south for her. She is ultimately given two options, either to take a big bribe and leave the woman or lose her life. But she ruthlessly decides to ignore the threat and instead extort the gangster for ten million dollars.

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