IFBB Pro Luke Sandoe’s Died at the age of 30-RIP the Beast

Nowadays, bodybuilding is a healthy sport all around the globe. The craze of fitness among the youth seems outstanding. There are countless bodybuilders in the world today, and many well-known faces have grown in this sport from the past few years. One of them is Luke Sandoe. An artist bodybuilder with the International Association of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB).

The young athlete was found dead at his home. He was just 30 years old. Sandoe is known for his videos on Instagram and YouTube. So many publishers published his video about the development of muscles. Sandoe’s fellow Steve Kuclo posted a tribute to his friend Sandoe on Instagram.


According to the report Ron Harris said the reason for his death is still a mystery, neither the cause of death has been revealed, nor the exact date of death. The reports also concluded that he was at home with his training partner James and his girlfriend. Nobody knows what will happen there.

Moreover, no evidence was found there at all. He was also a part of Luke & James show, but from 6th May he was absent from the Facebook stream. Some people are saying that it happened due to bodybuilding. We do not know how much of this is true and if the sport has some involvement in his death or not.

Everything will come forward to us very soon. Many great bodybuilders and his fellow mates are still in shock after hearing the news of Luke’s death. After watching so many posts about his death on Instagram, we can see how popular he was in the bodybuilding community at such a young age.

He placed 3rd at the Arnold Classic 2019- and this was the time his name started shining among his fans. May his soul rest in peace and we soon figure out the cause behind his death.