iFixit teardown shows how Samsung stuffed an S Pen into the S22 Ultra


The release of Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone means we have another excellent one i’ll fix it disassembly to enjoy, which offers a great look inside the Galaxy S22 and S22 Ultra.

The teardown gives us an idea of ​​how Samsung has integrated the S Pen stylus into the Galaxy S22 Ultra, as well as the new vapor chamber to keep the phone cool during use. But the most interesting discovery relates to the vibration motor in the S22 devices, which: i’ll fix it nuts is now built into the bottom speaker instead of the top.

There is speculation that Samsung is trying to catch up to the performance of the iPhone’s Taptic Engine, but it does so with a component that takes up less internal space. The changes Samsung made to the vibration motor were noted by Marques Brownless in his review, although he found it harder to notice the vibration while the S22 was in his pocket. Unfortunately.

Ifixit teardown shows how samsung stuffed an s pen into

The Galaxy S22 Ultra (left) and the regular S22.
Image: iFixit

Unfortunately, Samsung’s flagship phones are still a nightmare to repair, which is bad news for the life of the device and therefore for the environment. Although the insides of both phones are held together with standard Phillips screws, their housings are secured together with a tough glue that is difficult to take apart (i’ll fix it cracks the back of his S22 Ultra during removal), and their batteries require “an annoying combination of isopropyl alcohol, suction cup lifting power and patience” to remove and replace.

The result is a pair of three out of ten recoverability scores, which is the same as last year’s S21 Ultra, but represents a slight drop to the base Galaxy S21. For reference, last year’s iPhone 13 Pro scored six out of ten, proving that it’s possible to do better without sacrificing the premium flagship feel of a device.

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