Improper Disinfection at Hospital Reason for New COVID-19 Cluster in China: Officials


The deputy party chief of the provincial Health Commission said a cluster of new COVID-19 cases was reported in Qingdao, Ma Lixin. The reason behind it is considered to be improper disinfection in the CT room at the Qingdao Chest Hospital.

The rise in the infection has prompted the city to undergo a test of over 10 million people, as per the reports. No new coronavirus cases were reported from such tests in the city. The reports suggest that no new cases of infection occurred due to cross-infection. There was no community transmission, as such.

There was a nationwide concern as thousands of people had visited the tourist city during the National holidays. There would be an effort to test the entire population of 11 million residents, which is expected to get over by Friday.

On Thursday morning, only one independent positive case of the disease was reported: a 40-year-old port worker who was asymptomatic.

Written by Diksha

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