In Protest for George Floyd’s death- Reddit Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian Resigned

In Protest for George Floyd’s death- Reddit Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian Resigned

It’s been more than two weeks and still, people are out there seeking justice for the black community. Recently, one of the well-known websites Reddit, which is so-called the front page of the internet, came into a highlight. The co-founder of Reddit, Alexis Ohanian resigns from the board. He did it only because to support the black people who are protesting on the streets.

In 2005, he co-founded this social networking website and worked a long way to make it popular, and now it is a home for millions of people to discuss their views openly on any topic. Somewhere indirectly, it also gave birth to trolling and racism. And therefore, after stepping down slowly from his responsibilities, Alexis finally resigned from his post and urged the company to fill his vacant seat with a black candidate.

As of now, there were four white men and one woman in the council of the board. So, he is willing to step down from the board and allow some other potential black candidate to take his position. He said that he wants to set an example for the world, and perhaps this could help in ending racism. For those who do not know, he is the husband of legendary Tennis star Serena Williams.

Alex is Setting Example for her Black Daghter

He said that it would be a disgrace for her black daughter if he didn’t do anything for the community. He even donated $1 million to a nonprofit organization to serve the black community. According to the resources, he assured Colin Kaepernick’s Know Your Rights camp to use his Reddit stock gains for the organization. Whereas, Steve Huffman who is presently the CEO of Reddit, honors the decision of Ohanian and said that he would surely accept the request made by Alexis. Steve, in a recent interview, said that the team of Reddit is also against racism, and they would not tolerate anything, and their social networking platform is ready to fight against racism.