‘In the House’ star, Maia Campbell has smashed in street racing

‘In the House’ star, Maia Campbell has smashed in street racing

The young and bright star of the former “In the House” UPN comedy came in the 1990s, Maia Campbell has got arrested. As per police, on May 16 during an Atlanta street-racing crackdown this 43 years age actress had smashed being a pedestrian in the roadway. As per the report of The Atlanta Constitution-Journal, details which are there for smashing is less as for this around 44 people are arrested.

In 1996 for Young Actors Awards, Campbell has been nominated. She had been an outstanding star playing opposite to LL Cool J in a series of comedy which had gone to 76 episodes. But soon after that in the year 1998, “In the House” and acting career of Campbell’s had been gone for a halt. As per sources, though she managed to have guest roles in films on Showtime’s such as “2005’s Envy” and “Seventeen Again”. Since 2010 she had got just a screen credit. 

Now, Campbell is being known among in news for her revealed bouts along with substance abuse and bipolar disorder. As per the series self-help “Iyanla: Fix My Life”, in the year 2000 after she gave birth to her daughter Elisha, she had stopped taking all her medicines for about a year.

Campbell again made headlines in the year 2017 when she recorded a video about asking for a crack in Georgia while pumping gas in it. LL Cool J had offered Campbell help but she refused. Referencing the real name of rapper James Todd Smith in her video, she said that Todd, she really loves her but she does not need any help. She only needs a bit of good performance for her mental health and this is what she is.

During the pandemic coronavirus, a spokesman of an Atlanta police said that the illegal racing on street is increasing which is a perfect thing for young adults and teens who are getting bored. In normal times they wander around at parks or malls but now they cannot do due to regulations of social distancing. So, they find this as an alternative.