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India- China deadly Faceoff: Heavy Casualty on both side


According to the official statement of the Government of India, this clash occurred during the retreat of the soldiers on the Galvan Valley border. The Indian Army says that on Monday night in the Galvan Valley on the Indo-China border, there has been a fierce struggle in the army of the two countries, in which an army officer and two soldiers were killed.

In a statement issued by the Indian Army Headquarters, it has been said that the Chinese army has also suffered. However, so far no clear information has been revealed about how many Chinese soldiers have died or been injured.

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According to the statement given by the army headquarters, senior military officers of both the countries are currently meeting at the scene to resolve the matter.

At the same time, according to the news agency AFP, Beijing responded to the incident and said that Indian soldiers had crossed the border and attacked Chinese soldiers.

Another news agency Daily Express updated a news saying that Indian army killed 5 Chinese soldiers and 11 soldiers get injured in an physical fight.