India Test-Fires First Indigenous Anti-Radiation Missile “Rudram”

Anti-Radiation Missile

Rudram-1, India’s first indigenous anti-radiation missile, was tested successfully on Friday at ITR, Bangalore. The Defence Minister of India, Rajnath Singh, said that the missile testing, developed by the DRDO for the Indian Air Force, was a success. He took to his Twitter account and congratulated DRDO and other stakeholders for the remarkable achievement.

The missile is being integrated on SU-30 Mkl fighter aircraft as the launch platform, which can vary ranges depending on the launch conditions. As per the reports, it has INS-GPS navigation with Passive Homing Head for the final hit. 

The missile had hit the set target with pinpoint accuracy as the Passive Homing Head is programmed to detect, categorize and connect targets over an extensive band of frequencies. The missile will prove to be of potential importance for the Indian Air Force, for suppressing the enemy air defense, that too from an extensive standoff range.

The missile will also neutralize enemy radars, communication sites, and also RF emitting targets.