Inexpensive Drug Famotidine for Common Heartburn issue may ease the Symptoms of COVID 19

Inexpensive Drug Famotidine for Common Heartburn issue may ease the Symptoms of COVID 19

In a study, it has been found that for COVID 19, a heartburn remedy Famotidine or with brand name Pepcid has shown improvement in the symptoms as diagnosed on 10 patients. Being encouraged by the result the study will be done on a large number of patients.

According to a physician, Dr. Joseph Conigliaro at the Northwell Health, New York they want to test it to find the best way for addressing these patients and keeping them away from the hospital.

Improvements have been seen in COVID Patients after taking Famotidine

The group includes 4 women and 6 men between the age group of 23 till 71 who came from different ethnic backgrounds and most of the health conditions are chronic which increases the risk of a person for severe COVID 19. Most of the patients are having fatigue, headaches, shortness of breath, cough, and loss of smell or taste has got improvement by taking famotidine.

As per the study, 5 patients reported they have fewer body aches and 3 less of chest tightness. They felt back to normal after taking this drug.

There were case series done in New York at Northwell and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and various other universities by doctors. They have an interest in studying this medicine it is not expensive and taken as to be the safest medicine. In one study it was considered that it helps COVID patient who was hospitalized.

 As per the report of outpatient, out of 10 at least 7 of them do not have any side effects. Others have side effects such as gastrointestinal issues and dizziness which is linked to side effects of famotidine. Only one patient has shown the symptoms of getting more tired while taking this.

For the study, they had not taken the patients just like that and even did not rejected the patients whose condition got worse after taking famotidine. One of the patients has monitored the level of oxygen in the blood at home and it has improved after taking that drug.

It is also possible that the medicine had done nothing but they have perceived that they are getting better after taking this medicine as prescribed by the doctor.

As per the study, done earlier at Northwell and Columbia University by the doctors found that patients of COVID who are given famotidine have survived more. So, a clinical trial is being done on patients hospitalized for COVID and being given famotidine.

As per Conigliaro, they had hoped for having results by the middle of May month but there has been a decrease in the number of patients in COVID in New York there has been slow on this trial. It has been advised by the Conigliaro that without the consultation of physicians no one should take this medicine.

When Dr. Michael Callahan, Harvard infectious disease specialist had noticed that there are few patients of COVID who are getting better than the others. It is found that they are from a low-income group and they are suffering from heartburn so they are given famotidine which is not much expensive.

On the other hand, in Florida at Alchem Laboratories by a group of scientists they had made a list of drugs that can be useful for fighting coronavirus, and in that list, famotidine is among the top.

Still, now it is not clear that how famotidine helps in stopping coronavirus may be due to its antiviral effect as it stops the virus from multiplying. Or it can be that the drugs blocks H2 receptors which in turn reduces inflammation that is present in both lungs and stomach.