Instagram finally lets live streamers add moderators

Instagram finally allows Live creators appoint moderators during their streams. Mods have the ability to report comments, remove viewers from the stream, and disable comments for a specific viewer.

Instagram notes that creators can assign a moderator by tapping the three dots in the comment bar during a Live. From there, they can choose a moderator from a list of suggested accounts, or use the search bar to search for a specific account.

Live has been around since 2016 and with that in mind, it’s a bit of a shock that Instagram has only just started supporting moderators for its streams. Moderation has become a much-needed staple on other live streaming platforms, such as Twitch and YouTube, where comments can quickly turn ugly. Even Instagram’s sister company, Facebook, gives users the ability to add mods to their streams as well as remove trolling tools – much like the moderation features Instagram just launched.

While Instagram tries to attract more creators to Live with the ability to monetize streams, the availability of chat moderators should hopefully make the streaming experience a lot more enjoyable for creators.

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