Instagram Threads App for ‘Close Friends’ Now Lets You Message Everyone


Instagram had launched a messaging app ‘Threads’ only for close friends, but now the app can message anyone in the contact list on the social media platform. The Threads has added another tab for messaging contacts other than the close friends.

Jane Manchun Wong, a reverse engineer and Social Media Consultant, Matt Navara, spotted the new update. So now, the app shall have two tabs. One will be used for messages with close friends and the other for everyone else in the contact list.

The users can now have access to all the Instagram DMs while maintaining a separate one for their close friends. The user’s chats with the close ones will be set on a priority position in the inbox. The status of the user will be visible only to close friends.

Status can be updated based on the location, and can be set as ‘on the move,’ ‘at the gym,’ or ‘at home.’ The app has everything that is on Instagram’s DM, and the user will not have to leave the app to see the story replies or posts.

Written by Diksha

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