IPL 2020: “Virat Kohli is Human, not a machine,” says Childhood Coach Rajkumar Sharma


Rajkumar Sharma, Virat’s childhood coach, has come out in the player’s defense. He said that Virat had set the benchmark so high that fans are losing patience so quickly. In the first two games of RCB, Virat managed to score only 14 runs and one run and also lost a few key catches. Fans have lost their calm on social media with the same.

Rajkumar feels that all this is part of any sportsman’s life. He said that no batsman could make high scores every time they take a guard. Some days are good, and there are bad days too. People forget that he is human and not a machine. There is nothing wrong with having off days.

He added that sometimes the issue is technical, and sometimes it’s all the mindset, but all is part and parcel of the game. He asked the Fans not to lose heart with bad innings, and even the best of players can have rough days.