IPL 2023 LIVE Broadcast: Disney Star increase advertising rates

IPL 2023 LIVE Broadcast

IPL 2023 LIVE BROADCAST – IPL 2023 Disney Star: Despite slowdown in the market, Disney Star in its 1st pitch to the advertisers is asking for 20% increase on the IPL Rates. The network had commanded rates of 12 to 13 Lakhs per 10 seconds in IPL Season 15. Now the ask is 16 lakh to 17. 5 lakhs per 10-second spot. In exchange, Star Sports is promising increase in reach for IPL to 500MN.

IPL 2023 Disney Star – Why the rates are increasing? Disney Star India won the TV rights for IPL (2021-27 cycle) at Rs 23,575 crore in 2022. The broadcaster had paid Rs 16,347.5 crore in 2017 for a combined bid for TV and digital rights for the 2018-22 cycle, which means they paid approximately 36% more in 2022 & that too only for broadcast rights.

Now they don’t have DIGITAL RIGHTS for monetization.

So, if Disney Star paid much higher to secure the media rights, they must raise advertising rates in order to break even.

  • Previously, the cost per match, including digital rights, was approximately Rs 54 crore.
  • But this year, the price per match is Rs 57 crore only for TV.
  • So there is a 20% premium
  • According to industry estimates, DIGITAL LIVE Streaming packages will risen by 60-70%.

IPL 2023 LIVE Streaming – What is Viacom18 Doing? Viacom18’s LIVE streaming destination will continue with its earlier strategy and provide IPL free to its users. Earlier for FIFA World Cup 2022 as well they had kept the streaming completely free.

This means they will lose on SUBSCRIPTION REVENUE and will only bank on advertising sales to recoup their spends.

Like Disney Star, Jio Cinema also has predicted that they will reach out to 500MN Audiences. It is learnt that Jio Cinema will have 15 feeds across multiple languages whileDisney Star plans to broadcast IPL on over 22 channels with 10+ feeds across multiple languages.

This means BIGGER, BOLDER & BETTER IPL will be their MANTRA for IPL 2023 LIVE Streaming. In a major move the official partner will stream the IPL Season 16 in 11 to 15 languages. The new addition to the IPL telecast in languages includes Bhojpuri. This as per InsideSport estimates, will add 30-40MN increase in audiences to existing IPL’s viewership.

Bigger, Better, Bolder IPL LIVE Streaming coverage this year

  • IPL 2022 LIVE Streaming was limited to 6 languages i.e English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam & Kannada
  • As per info available, Viacom18 is planning to LIVE Stream IPL 2023 in 11-15 languages
  • The new addition of languages include Bhojpuri which is the 2nd most spoken language in India after Hindi
  • Other than IPL will also be LIVE Streamed in Bengali & Gujarati.