Is Daughter of Kellyanne Conway’s on Tiktok Trolling Trump?

Is Daughter of Kellyanne Conway’s on Tiktok Trolling Trump?

Kellyanne Conway, official senior Trump administration has a different type of political view from George, her husband who hates Trump. Now from Conway family, another member had who is anti-Trump is Claudia, 15 years old daughter.

On Monday as per Taylor Lorenz, a journalist had posted about political Tiktoks of Claudia Conway and after this, it comes into the limelight on social media as she regularly posts content on the anti-Trump, anti-cop, Black Lives Matter. In one of the Claudia videos, she is dancing as well as saying that whether it would be a shame to give all the Trump’s hotels, golf courses, and restaurants a review of one star.

On her social channels, there are thoughts of her beliefs in politics, a young activist is using her platform for having Black Justice which also includes outside the White House protest in Washington, D.C.

Her social media accounts and Tiktok had gained attraction there were right-wing trolls and republicans’ comments on her page which is upsetting the progressive politics. She is overwhelmed with the backlash and asked everyone to keep negativity away.

Claudia uses her Tiktok for sharing her ideas with the people who are of the same belief. But people should be careful that they are harassing 15 years old which is not a good idea. But from Conway home fosters freedom of political beliefs and freedom of speech is valued which is not as Trump administration.