Is Maya Hawke Gay Or Straight In Real Life? Who Is She Currently Dating?

Maya Hawke Gay

Maya Hawke is a rising star today thanks to her masterful portrayal of Robin, who debuted in Stranger Things season 3. Ever since she appeared in Stranger Things, he has allowed us to see an entirely new character that blends a bit of awkwardness with humor and smart quips on top of the fact that Robin is actually lesbian in the series. So, is Maya Hawke also gay in real life, or is she straight?

Is Maya Hawke Gay?

Maya hawke's sexuality

Maya Hawke is straight in real life. The speculations about her being lesbian were born from the fact that her on-screen character in Stranger Things is lesbian. But the truth is that Maya has been private with her dating life. Still, she was seen going out with musician Spencer Barnett. 

Hawke is straight in real life but enjoys playing LGBTQ+ characters. 

Who Is Maya Hawke?

One of the rising stars in Hollywood today is Maya Hawke. That’s because she was masterful in her performance of Robin in Stranger Things. The character was introduced in season 3 of the hit Netflix original and quickly became a favorite among fans not only because of her quirky personality and smart quips but also because of her dynamic with Steve, one of the characters that fans really adore.

However, those who have been watching movies for a very long time should be quite familiar with Maya Hawke’s name. That’s because she carries the family name of her father, Ethan Hawke, who has always been one of the most notable names in Hollywood and has been quite popular ever since the 90s. Maya was born out of the union between Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman, who both separated from one another in 2003 before finalizing their divorce in 2005.

Who Is Maya Hawke Currently Dating?

Is Maya Hawke Gay Or Straight In Real Life? Who Is She Currently Dating? 3

Maya Hawke and musician Spencer Barnett were linked when The Daily Mail spotted the pair kissing in February 2022. Since then, the couple has made several public appearances together. However, they’ve kept the intimate details about their relationship secret.

Dating History Of Maya Hawke

A plethora of rumors swirl around the internet and many names have been juxtaposed with Maya Hawke’s name. Before she entered the spotlight after pulling off her remarkable roles her dating life was on the radar. It was rumored in late 2019 that Maya Hawke and Gus Wenner, the Chief Executive Officer and President of Rolling Stone were regular faces on their social media. But before it started to be something the relationship just fizzled out. 

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Maya Hawke is not an open book and she does not appreciate more divulging but she was deeply affected by the breakup with Gus as was evident at the times when she had interviews for her promotion of music albums. 

Maya Hawke Age?

Maya Hawke was born on July 8, 1998, as of 2022, she would be twenty-four years old. She started her professional acting career at the age of nineteen and pulled off her debut role as Jo March in the TV mini-series adaptation of Little Women. 

Who Are Maya Hawke Parents?

As we all are well aware that Maya Hawke’s legacy is of Hollywood royalty her parents are well-known actors and actresses of the right time. So watching her shining like a star we could wonder where she had acquired this charm and nonchalant smile and scintillating wit in acting. 

Is Maya Hawke Also Lesbian In Real Life?

While Robin in Stranger Things may be lesbian, Maya Hawke is actually straight. Like most celebrities that aren’t dating actors, Maya has been quite private with her dating life and doesn’t always announce who she is seeing or dating.

However, Maya Hawke has been seen going out with musician Spencer Barnett. They were seen on a date together in New York, and the couple even shared a kiss. As such, Maya Hawke is straight and prefers to be with men.

Is Maya Hawke Hollywood royalty?

Watching her star rise, people wonder where she got the looks and talent from. It is worth mentioning that Maya Hawke is a product of two Hollywood A-listers in the ‘90s, Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman. 

The slim, blue-eyed actress-singer first appeared as a model for brands like Calvin Klein and All Saints; she did editorial shoots for Vogue as well. After her initial gig playing Jo March, Maya bagged the role of Robin Buckley in Stranger Things. She joins Millie Bobby Brown, Winona Ryder, and Finn Wolfhard in the cast.

Final Thinkings

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