Is Netflix’s Bling Empire Scripted? Find out what star Kevin Kreider had to say

Netflix’s new reality show, Bling Empire, is one that can’t be turned off. The show has shown many serious and unreal Tv moments which have many wild moments like a penis pump thrown out a window, a child being a reincarnation of their late grandma, and a cross country hunt for a biological father.

Now since there are so many such moments packed in one season, fans have started wondering if the show was scripted. In an exclusive chat with model Kevin Kreider, he was asked to reveal how real the reality show was. And he answered that it was cent percent real.

He said that as far as his own filming experience, Kevin made clear to his fans that they were witnessing his real life. And further continuing on his point, the model said that the production was documenting only the real-life stuff.

The streaming site has described the show as one, which follows the wildly wealthy group of Asian and Asian American friends in Los Angeles. In between running multi- billion-dollar businesses and traveling the world, the friends are very good at keeping secrets as they are at spilling them. And there is no shortage of secrets.

The drama went emotional far more than anyone’s imagination. They showed how Kevin and Kim had gone in search of their biological parents. Before Kim and his biological father could reconnect, the father passed away. And for Kevin, who was adopted at a young age from South Korea, a session of hypnotherapy unearthed his buried emotions, related to his adoption.

Kevin explained that he was very uncomfortable watching his experience. He said that it was like, itching his wound and feeling the pain again. He said that the hypnotherapy was very draining and intense and that he doesn’t think he wants to go through that again.  

Also, Kevin felt that he had got the answer for what he was looking for. He said that he halted his search for his biological parents but is open to start it up again. He has already met people at the Korean Embassy. He said that he does not want to meet his parents on zoom during the pandemic. He is also hopeful that the show would assist him in search for his real parents.

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