Is the Coronavirus Research under the Danger of Hacking Attack?

Is the Coronavirus Research under the Danger of Hacking Attack?

Security officials last Thursday told CNN that Russian hackers called APT29 and also goes by the name Cozy Bear is targeting the organizations that are involved in Coronavirus Vaccine research in Russia, the US, Canada and UK.

In the first review, it seems like a War story but later all the places matched. Involvement of Russian hackers APT29 who came into the news before with an accuse of hacking Democratic National Committee of 2016 Presidential Election. Secondly, there is a strong denial from Kirill Dmitriev who is heading the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF). RDIF is the main funding support for Vaccine research in Russia.

Is the Coronavirus Research under the Danger of Hacking Attack?
Image Credits- Indian Express

Dmitriev said “Accusations … regarding hacking attacks against western pharmaceutical companies are an attempt to tarnish the Russian coronavirus vaccine.”┬áDmitriev who is a Harvard graduate announced on Friday that a UK-based pharma company is ready for production in Russia under the RDIF fund.

But despite the deal Dmitriev claimed that Russian Vaccine is superior that he and his parents have already taken the dose. According to him this race between the countries to see which one produce best vaccine. The participants in this are the US, the UK, Russia and China.

In this race of market dominance President Donald Trump have also invested large sums of money in a German company. In his latest stunt, Trump has collected almost all available stock of Remedesivir the only medicine known to treat symptoms of COVID-19 and has Approval from US Food and Drug Administration.

But Dmitriev strategy of Picking sides and Trump’s strategy of Buying all the medicine arose from wrong assumptions. Becoming the superpower to dominate the world’s economy doesn;t go hand in hand with Medical Discovery.

Medical dominance is different from Race to space in which you need deep pockets to control the world. Medical dominance includes companies, international Consortia and many more things.