‘It got too dangerous’: Sacha Baron Cohen officially retires from playing Borat

Baron Cohen

Recently Sacha Baron Cohen has officially announced that he will no more be playing the role of Borat Sagdivey. He played this role in two movies but said “It got too dangerous” now.

Feb 26, 2021: Sacha Baron Cohen, 49 years old actor and comedian has recently said in People magazine that he won’t be playing Borat in other Borat film franchise. He also mentioned that playing the character of Borat Sagdivey got too dangerous for him. Cohen has received so many awards in his acting careers like Golden Globe Award for Best Actor and many other awards.

According to Cohen, he had to wear a bulletproof jacket while shooting a scene on the set as Borat Sagdivey, and he is not willing to do that too many times in his life. He also said that he is good with the scripted stuff. Risking his life and not getting enough sleep during the shooting time has created a lot of problem for Sacha Baron Cohen.

Cohen said, “The night before something like that — that rally — you’re trying to go through everything that can go wrong. In a normal scene like what we’re doing, we’re trying to make sure, ‘How do I make sure my performance is real? Have I done my research? How do I make sure the accent’s perfect?”

Back in 2006, Cohen started playing the character of Borat, who is a Kazakhstani journalist who wants to make a documentary while travelling the US. Maria Bakalova is also represented as his daughter named Tutar. One can see real-life American citizens’ interactions in the movie.