James Harris or ‘Kamala’, Former WWE wrestler died at the age of 70

As per the wrestling company news James Harris, former WWE wrestler at 70 he had died. As per the WWE’s website, Harris had started his debut at WWF in 1984, performed as Kamala in the ring. 

His career has been spanned for more than 2 decades, had battled with many superstars of wrestling which includes Hulk Hoga, Andre the Giant, and The Undertaker.

As per the WWE, his opponents are terrorized, and audiences are thrilled in the Mid-South, WCW, WWE, and World Class Championship Wrestling, until 2006. The character of Kamala has been promoted as a Ugandan Giant who is 6 foot 7, 350 pounds. 

Harris cause of death is still unknown. 

On Sunday, other wrestlers are honouring Harris on Social media through #ripkamala.

Elijah Burke, a former wrestler, also known to be Da Pope said that he is the legend and deserved to be in the @WWE Hall of Fame and ALIVE whenever that time will come. He was a good guy, and his memories will be there forever.

Scotty Riggs, a former wrestler with the World Championship Wrestling (WCW), had tweeted that though never met or had known about Harris but can understand its impact.