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Jamie Foxx doing the transformation of a body for the biopic Mike Tyson, a boxing champion

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Different look these days by Jamie Foxx as he is transforming for his new role for the next movie which is a biopic of Mike Tyson.

On Wednesday, in the live forum of Instagram, 53 years old had told about his new physique. He said that doing the biographies is tough. Sometimes it even takes around 20 years to prepare them.

In 2004, when he portrayed Ray Charles in the film Ray, he had won Oscar for the best actor. The star of “Django Unchained” going to the gym for building upper body muscles. He is doing rigorous exercises for changing the shape of a body.

Foxx had confessed that he does not have legs and calf muscles, so they might go for some prosthetics. He jokingly said that might be they shoot biopic from the upper side of waist only. 

Birnbaum praised him after showing his photograph for just looking like Tyson’s younger time. But Foxx said that he still has to go long. The singer of “Blame It” had said that they need to tip scales from 216 to 235 pounds when they are going to start the shooting.

Foxx is very excited to show boxing champion in a new light and he thinks everybody young or old will be understanding his journey.

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