Japanese man transforms himself into a dog spending 2 million yen


Have you ever wished you could be an animal? If you answered yes, you’d probably spend some time looking for a costume or applying makeup to look like your favourite four-legged species. A Japanese man spent 40 days and roughly 2 million yen (about Rs 12 lakh) to entirely convert himself into a dog.

The Japanese man was assisted by Zeppet, a professional agency that creates life-like costumes, sculptures, and the like for films, advertisements, amusement parks, and so on.

The man was asked in an interview why he chose this particular costume. “I made it into a collie since it appears realistic when I wear it with my taste and costume. My favourite animals are quadrupeds, especially cute ones. Among them, I concluded that a large animal close to me would be excellent because it would be a realistic model, therefore I made it a dog. Long-haired canines can deceive the human eye. I came across such a situation and decided to get a Collie, my favourite breed of dog “He stated. According to the man, this was his fantasy come true.

The photographs are not the only ones. A YouTube video shows the man in his eerie outfit walking like a dog, and he also explains how the disguise works.