Japan’s ‘flying car’ gets off the ground with a person aboard

The dream of zipping a car in the air, just like driving on a highway, might become a reality soon. On Friday there was a test drive of a flying car with a person on board by Japan’s SkyDrive Inc, one of the leading companies working on the flying car projects.

The modest test was considered successful when the driver of a vehicle which looked like a slick motorcycle wit propellers was taken 1-2 meters off the ground level and hovered in that area for four minutes. The flying car can become a real-life product by 2023, said Tomohiro Fukuzawa who heads the project. Though, he also acknowledged that making it safe for usage by the public is a critical task.

He did mention that of the hundreds of projects going on in the world, only a few have succeeded in flying it with a person on board. Right now the eVTOL, or the electric vertical takeoff and landing, can fly for just five to ten minutes. But soon it will be made into a product which will fly more and do away with the hassle of traffic jams, airports and not to forget the cost of hiring a pilot.

Written by Stephen D