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Jason Lewis, star of Sex and the City has got transformed in the rugged style


Jason Lewis, an actor who has been stopped for discussing his partnership in charity with his best buddies by Australian television, Channel Seven’s, The Morning Show. When Lewis, 49-year-old is discussing his breakout role on Sex and the City, one can not stop looking at his transformation in the rugged style.

In this show, he had played the role of Kim Cattrall’s who has an interest in love, and Smith Jerrod his client in the series and films has been considered to be most gorgeous for his looks. But now Lewis is having far more brunette as well as clean-cut look.

Jason Lewis, star of Sex and the City has got transformed in the rugged style
Image Credits- Daily Mail

Lewis had done a darker hairdo which is shorter. Though the look is new it is handsome. Though there is a change in looks he had said good things about the HBO hit which is popular for almost 20 years after being not on air. He joked and said that he thinks the show is still liked because its title starts with Sex. There are other stars such as Cynthia Nixon, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kristin Davis.

He said that the one who writes well speak with their experiences and episodes are heartfelt.

He had also worked with the survivors of breast cancer and it has the best of production experience. He praised that the show was not about sex only.

In this show, the character Cattrall’s in the final season fights with breast cancer and also gave a speech that is inspiring about the battle of her health.

He had been known for many of his work Brothers & Sisters, Texas, Midnight, Charmed, and many more.


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