Jerry Stiller Actor & Comedian Passes Away At The Age Of 92

Jerry Stiller Actor & Comedian Passes away At The Age Of 92

Jerry Stiller, a comedian and senior actor who earned a reputation on Broadway & thereafter in a smash American program “Seinfeld” died from normal causes, was 92 years old, his actor son, Hollywood actor Ben Stiller, reported on Monday.

In the year 1960, Stiller & his spouse Anne Meara featured on TV and the stage, scripting and acting comedy performances and routines with each other.

He thereafter acted in the show featuring George Costanza’s quick-tempered dad named Frank on the smash TV program called “Seinfeld,”  on which he bagged the title of being the Funniest Male Guest Appearance in a TV Series at a US Comedy Awards program in the year 1998.

The year earlier, for a similar character, he was chosen for the Emmy honor. He also acted as Leah Remini’s dad for the situation comedy show “The King of Queens” & starred with Ben in the “Zoolander” movies.

“I’m unhappy to express that Jerry Stiller my father, reached heavenly abode from natural reasons,” the prize-winning director & actor tweeted. 

The most devoted husband to his wife Anne and was a good father and grandfather, for around a period of 62 years,” remarked Stiller. “Your presence will be missed significantly. We will always Love you, Dear Dad.”

Another who described Stiller as “beloved friend” is Jason Alexander – the person who acted as George, in the show “Seinfeld,” 

“He was conceivably the gentlest man that I always had the privilege to work along with,” tweets Alexander. 

When he was with me, each day, as a child, he used to make me laugh, a Lovely friend, great actor, and a great person.” We all will miss Jerry Stiller. Pour your love to him through your messages in the comments section below.