Jiangsu Province Promise to Investigate ‘Woman in Chains’ Video

Jiangsu’s provincial government has established an investigative team to look into the case of a woman being chained by her neck in a dilapidated hut in Fengxian County, Xuzhou, reports China Daily.The local government has vowed to severely punish anyone deemed to have been involved in criminal activity. An investigative team was created after a video…

Jiangsu’s provincial authorities has established an investigative group to gape into the case of a girl being chained by her neck in a ancient hut in Fengxian County, Xuzhou, reports China Daily.

The native authorities has vowed to severely punish anyone deemed to had been inquisitive about felony assignment. 

An investigative group became as soon as created after a video of the girl, who has been identified by her surname Yang, went viral at the live of January. 

Yang is from Yunnan Province and is believed to have given start to eight teens all over her time in Xuzhou. It’s miles unclear how long she became as soon as chained by the neck within the hut. 

The video went viral on Douyin, and became as soon as captured by a individual who found out her and gave her heat clothing, per the BBC. 

Chinese netizens had been outraged by the scene and demanded a thorough investigation. 

Many netizens raised danger as to how this case shunned authorities as the girl had birthed eight teens, despite the country having strict limits on the collection of teens a family can have. 

Within the video, the girl appears to be like perplexed and is unable to acknowledge easy questions, equivalent to whether or no longer she feels chilly. 

For the explanation that anecdote a group of articles have circulated around WeChat and Weibo from folk claiming to be from Xuzhou and Fengxian County. In mentioned articles, which have since been deleted, some folk mentioned a mumble of human trafficking and kidnapping within the condominium.

[Cover image via Twitter/@manyapan]