Jin from BTS cuts his birthday cake live with fans and talks about how much he hates Jungkook. Then Jimin comes in with the sweetest “gift.”

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“Girl, now is your chance. I can be your genie. How about Aladdin?” That’s a pretty tempting offer, right? Well, people who like BTS and K-pop already know who we’re talking about. Park Ji-Min, who goes by the name Jimin and was born on October 13, 1995, in Busan, South Korea, is a big name in the K-pop industry. Today is the K-pop star’s 26th birthday, and well-wishers are coming from everywhere.

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Before going to do his military service, BTS singer Jin celebrated his 30th birthday online with his fans. During their talk, he talked about how Jungkook never came to see him, but Jimin did. He also said that J-Hope was the first person to wish him well.

BTS member Jin aka Kim Seokjin turned 30. Before going to South Korea to do his required military service, the birthday boy gave his fans a short and sweet live session on their Weverse community page to celebrate his special day. To his surprise, Jimin, another member of his group, also came. Jin talked about his close friend Jungkook at the start of the live video. He joked that Jungkook didn’t come to see him on his birthday, even though he had done the same for Jungkook before. After making his first solo album, the singer went on to cut his birthday cakes. Before he cut the cake, he asked everyone watching his live show, including his crew, staff, and fans, to join him in singing “Happy Birthday.”

He also said that the candle flames scare him a little because they look like horns to him. In the comment section, Jimin joined him and asked, “What do you want for your birthday?” This was translated by Twitter user @haruharu w bts. Jin replied, “We decided not to give each other gifts for our birthdays. It’s too much to get 7 gifts a year.” “So, Jimin-ah, you don’t need to buy anything! Everything is mine! “Also, he said. “The gift is my heart,” Jimin wrote back.

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Jin also told BTS Army that his friends had given him a gift for his birthday. “My friends brought a princess-shaped cake and said, ‘Seokjin-ah, you’re a princess, so you need to eat this cake.'” “he said. He also said that J-Hope was the first person on social media to wish him well. Not only did he wish him a happy birthday, but he also called him and made up a song to his song Astronaut: “When I’m with you, there is no Jin birthday.”

Soon after that, he ended his live birthday session, which made Jimin and his other fans sad. “Is that it????” “No, please do (the live shows) more,” Jimin said at the end. Fans have taken to Twitter to talk about their favourite parts of the conversation and send the Yours singer well wishes.

On December 13, nine days after his birthday, Jin will join the military. BigHit Music, which represents BTS, said in October that all of its members, including RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook, will do their required military service before getting back together around 2025. Jin will be the first to do this, and the others will follow in time.

Jimin is one of the most well-known members of BTS, and his fans love him so much that they have given him many nicknames. Some of the names people call him are Mochi, Ddochi, Dooly, ChimChim, and Diminie. And to show Diminie extra love on his birthday, the Army has planned some of the sweetest surprises. Here, let’s take a look.

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