JioMeet: Is it rightly the Zoom App of India?

Reliance Jio has recently launched JioMeet which offers the perfect platform for video conferencing. Well, this service looks like the Zoom app. This is a new video conferencing app by Jio for India. The good news is the fact that it is supported on almost every operating system like macOS, Android, iOS, Windows 10 and the web.

Read the article to know more about JioMeet. When you look at it for the first time, it will remind you of the Zoom app. The step has been taken by the company on account of the growing popularity of such platforms across the globe due to the ongoing pandemic. This can be rightly known as the Zoom app for India. 

More about JioMeet:

It is simple to understand that it is a video conferencing app that is absolutely free right as of now. It will allow you to add up to 100 participants without any hassles. Some of the other attractive features are scheduled meetings, screen-sharing, and a lot more.

Steps for Downloading JioMeet:

You can simply download this video conferencing app on iPhone from the App Store and Android devices from Google Play. You also get the opportunity to download it from the web for Mac or Windows. You can visit the website and get access to supported browsers from Firefox as well as Google Chrome.

Tips for Creating an Account on JioMeet:

Follow the simple steps for creating an account on JioMeet. 

  1. Download the app. 
  2. Launch the app.
  3. Tap on the Sign Up on the home screen.
  4. After this you need to email, your name and mobile number.
  5. After this you will have to agree to the terms and conditions of the company. 
  6. Enter the OTP on the next screen which you will be receiving on your registered mobile number.
  7. Alternatively, you might be asked to verify your account from your mailbox.
  8. You can use the web for the purpose of sign up. All that you need to do is visit on Firefox or Google Chrome.
  9. After loading the site you will have to sign up and follow all the steps mentioned above. 
Image Source : Republic World

How will You Join or Host a Meeting?

Follow the steps given below for the purpose of hosting a new meeting from your smartphone.

  1. Log in after opening the app.
  2. After this click on New Meeting.
  3. You can choose to keep the video on or off on the next screen.
  4. You can turn on the option of “Use Personal Meeting ID” for generating personal meeting ID and password.
  5. After this tap on “Start Meeting”.
  6. You get to invite participants by clicking on Participants.
  7. You can choose to copy the link or simply share it manually.

Start a New Meeting on a Computer:

  1. Login after opening the app.
  2. Go to New Meeting and click on the option to start a new meeting. 
  3. Invite participants by clicking on Participants and then Invite.
  4. Click on email services for carrying on. 
  5. You can choose to send an invitation via WhatsApp Web or Facebook Messenger or just copy the invitation or URL.

Start a New Meeting by means of JioMeet’s Website:

  1. Visit and log in.
  2. After this click on Host a Meeting.
  3. You will have to repeat the above mentioned steps for inviting participants.

Tips for Scheduling a Meeting:

  1. Login after opening the app.
  2. Enter the meeting topic on the next screen.
  3. You can edit the duration and when the meeting begins.
  4. You can look for Advanced options and Meeting options.
  5. You get to disable or enable as per your preference. 
  6. Click on done for scheduling your meeting.
  7. Click on Meetings for making changes. You can choose to begin meeting, add to your calendar, delete it or add invitees.

Tips for Sharing Screen on JioMeet:

You will be getting the ultimate opportunity to share the screen and this is possible by following the steps given below. 

  1. You need to click on the option of Share from the meeting screen.
  2.  After this click on Screen Share Start 
  3. Click on Start Broadcast.
  4. You can choose to Stop Share by clicking on Screen Share Stop and Stop Broadcast.

Advanced Features:

JioMeet has launched late and is feature packed. Well, it will surely give a tough competition to the competitors. You will get the perfect opportunity to use it from your phone with the help of advanced features.

  1. Go to Meeting Settings.
  2. You get to lock or unlock a meeting.
  3. After locking more participants will not be able to join the meeting.
  4. You can clasp on features like play chime on exit or entry or exit, mute participants, demonstrate the name of a participant when they are joining. 
  5. You get to mute participants as and when you want by selecting mute all after hitting on the Participants tab.

How Safe is JioMeet?

Well, the company claims that the app is totally safe as the meetings are encrypted. But nothing much has been revealed about end-to-end encryption. It seems that the company will be asking for personal data like age, name, gender etc along with information related to your interest in services and products. 

Comparison with Zoom:

It can be rightly said that the JioMeet app is here to give a tough competition to Zoom app. You will be happy to know that there is no 40 minutes of free video conferencing restriction on JioMeet like Zoom app. This will be a huge sigh of relief. But nothing can be said as of now as JioMeet is at a very early stage. Let us wait and watch how this new app turns out to be.