John Cena reveals an easy way to win one million dollars in MTN DEW’s Super Bowl Ad Teaser

In a teaser for MT DEW Major Melon’s Super Bowl, a tropical looking John Cena is seen saying that counting can change your life- to the tune of one million bucks! Yes, you read that right. The soft drink brand has enlisted the former WWE champ and Hollywood superstar John Sena for showcasing the new Major Melon Flavor.

The star can be seen perfectly fitting the gameday spot and saying “Hi, I’m John Cena, and I know how to count.” The 43-year-old actor says the line while rocking a Hawaiian shirt and pink shorts. Then he continues to say that counting can change lives and can help people win one million dollars. The catch is to count all the bottles of delicious MTN DEW Major Melon- a new flavor of the brand, in the commercial, said John before taking a sip of the new soda flavor.

After that, a CGI watermelon dog enters, and rocks some Major Melon Bling and says that it has seen it all and this leaves John perplexed. Despite the weirdness, John was right in the commercial as one fan has ended Super Bowl Sunday a million dollars richer. 

As per the press release, the commercial will be aired during the first half of the game, and the first person to count and tweet the correct number of bottles of the new flavor will get to win one million dollars. The Vice President, marketing, Mtn Dew, Nicole Portwood said in the press release that the company is bringing a new flavor Major Melon this year to the Super Bowl, and has tried to push the creative boundaries which would put fans at the core of the whole concept. He said that they are excited about the partnership with John Cena, to showcase how this new flavor would take it to the extreme.

John said that he is been a Dew Drinker for many years and was equally excited to be a part of the commercial. He said that he has a feeling that fans are going to go nuts over the commercial and will prove to be a life-changing opportunity for the one lucky fan. 

The new MTN DEW Major Melon would mark the soda’s first permanent flavor offering in more than a decade according to the press release. During the 2020 Super Bowl, the drink had promoted its ‘Zero sugar line’ with the help of Bryan Cranston and Tracee Ellis Ross, where they did their best as Wendy and Jack Torrence from ‘The Shinning’.

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