John Wick 4’s First Trailer Asks When It All Will End

After a trilogy of exhausting battles, John Wick returns, but it’s not clear how much more combat he has in him.

The first trailer for John Wick 4which was a surprising reveal at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend, includes all the highlights you’d expect from a fuse movie, including Keanu Reeves who looks really cool while training and new villains like a menacing Donnie Yen and a cold-blooded Bill Skarsgård. There are chases, sword fights and Laurence Fishburne yells, “Are you ready, John?” while holding up his iconic black suit.

But it also raises an important question: where does all this eventually end? mr. Wick clearly needs a break, but there’s no indication yet how or when that could happen. I’m not quite sure how vacation time works in the complicated world of assassins.

John Wick 4 – which, according to the trailer, appears to be simply titled “John Wick” — will hit theaters on March 24, 2023.

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