Jordyn Woods and Karl Towns: “Are They Just Friends?”

Jordyn Woods and Karl Towns

Sources reveal that Jordyn Woods and Karl-Anthony Towns seem to be not getting enough of each other. This Wednesday they were spotted setting their sushi dinner date at Nobu Malibu.

This sensational revelation about the dinner date has once again brought the question to limelight “Are they just buds or there is more to it?”

Well, if rumors are to be believed, then things have been building up between the two since last year when they were seen together in L.A. 

Also, the two seem to be quarantining together during the challenging times of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Image Source : Hollywoodlife

The duo has become an item finally. The couple has been denying all this for a while now. Maybe there wasn’t much spark in the relationship back then. But there is no denying the fact that the mesmerizing view from the patio at Nobu might have set things rolling for the duo. Who knows what the inside story actually is?

One strange thing about the theory is the presence of the Jordyn Wood’s baby sister. 

So one can really not say much about the GF/BF theory!

KAT has earlier dated model Kawahine Andrade. Wood has been involved in the past with Tristan Thompson and also seen with James Harden. 

So…..are they really “a couple” or “just friends”?