Justin Trudeau Remained Silent for 21 days when asked about Donald Trump

Justin Trudeau Remained Silent for 21 days when asked about Donald Trump

If you have been concerned about what has been trending on the internet lately? You must check out the Top news of Justin Trudeau. The Internet and media are talking about Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau when he became silent for 21 seconds after a news reporter asked him about Donald Trump.

At a press discussion on Tuesday 2 June morning, Mr. Trudeau questioned for his point of view on Mr. Trump’s militant management of curfew across the US. The reporter asked what Mr. Trudeau feels of Mr. Trump’s statements that he will deploy the US military against protesters and he has used tear gas to control the crowds.

Credits- The Guardian

The Canadian leader went silent for 21 seconds, apparent to require that time to get enough words to reply to the question. A reporter said you’ve been unwilling to talk about the words and actions of the U.S. president. Reporter again said I’d like to know what you feel about that. And, if you don’t want to answer, what is the message you feel you are sending? The press meeting was made with an agonizing 20 seconds of absence as Mr. Trudeau wait to answer the question.

During the pause, he appeared to consider answering, before subsequently hesitating several times. At his news Meeting on Tuesday, Trudeau had a Sharp End out that exact ethnic and unfair Treatment Continues in Canada as well.

Moments of the deal instantly went viral on social media, which is seen hundreds and thousands of times. Trudeau continued: effectively the entire system bias in Canada, which means the systems of the country treats Canadians based on color and who are radicalized individually than they do to others. Now it is a time to acknowledge and change what abuse continue, against progress over the years and decades,