Kaleidoscope’s ending explained in Netflix’s


Seven criminals. Seven billion bucks were at stake. The latest Netflix crime series, Kaleidoscope, follows a master criminal and his crew as they attempt to steal $7 billion in bonds from an underground vault that appears to be “weatherproof, shockproof, and thief-proof.”

The miniseries is largely inspired by the 2012 disappearance of $70 billion in unregistered bearer bonds in lower Manhattan during Hurricane Sandy. “After Hurricane Sandy, $70 billion worth of bonds were flooded in the DTCC’s basement,” Showrunner Eric Garcia told Netflix’s Tudum. The DTCC is a massive clearing endeavour owned by a number of large banks. “In my mind, I thought, ‘Well, that’s the perfect alibi for a robbery!'”

Kaleidoscope employs a non-linear narrative structure, thus the first seven episodes will air differently for each viewer. “White: The Heist” is the eighth and final episode of the series.

Let’s begin by discussing the “Pink” episode, which takes place six months after the heist and portrays more precisely what happened to each of our thieves after the robbery.

After the heist, our master criminal Ray Vernon (Giancarlo Esposito), also known as Leo Pap, Ava Mercer (Paz Vega), and her aunt Teresa relocate to Ohio. However, Bob Goodwin (Jai Courtney), whom Ray, Ava, and the others assume was killed during the heist, and two accomplices arrive to reclaim a portion of the $7 billion he believes they stole from him. After learning that Stan (Peter Mark Kendall) and his wife Judy Goodwin (Rosaline Elbay) are in Folly Beach, South Carolina, Bob leaves Ray, Ava, and Teresa under the supervision of an accomplice and heads south.

Ava and Teresa are slain in an attempt to flee, but Ray survives and murders the accomplice. Bob discovers Stan and Judy in South Carolina, but is slain by the FBI before he can approach them. Judy walks over to the vacant vehicle after noticing Bob’s car and takes the $177,000 Ray gave Bob. Although we do not see her exact decision, it is implied that she accepted the money and fled, leaving Stan in South Carolina by himself.

Ray comes to Baby York City and FaceTimes with his daughter Hannah Kim (Tati Gabrielle) and his new granddaughter Lily. In addition, he visits Roger Salas (Rufus Sewell), who is serving a 20-year sentence for grand theft. In the final shot of the episode, Ray appears to be slain while walking. Once the end credits begin to roll, we do not see the perpetrator, but we hear the gunshot.

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We also hear that Nazan Abassi (Niousha Noor), the FBI agent who has been pursuing the group the entire time, is presumed to have been murdered by one of the Triplets, i.e. the three ultra-wealthy individuals whose bonds the crew attempted to steal.

The finale, “White,” brings together all of the puzzle pieces and demonstrates how the heist occurred step by step. The group successfully enters the underground vault of SLS. However, a failure in Judy’s plan to destroy the vault’s temperature controls causes the subfloor to flood considerably more rapidly than expected. Stan and Bob retrieve the bonds successfully, while Judy and RJ (Jordan Mendoza) put them onto the Con Edison vehicle. Nonetheless, after a heated argument, Judy murders RJ.

However, why did the crew have no bonds? Hannah and her sister Liz Kim (Soojeong Son) stopped the elevator before the loading dock and exchanged the bonds for cardboard in the mailroom. Hannah discloses this to her father, Ray, in the series’ conclusion and explains that she did so to protect him from the Triplets. She claims, “I attempted to shield you from the individuals you were robbing.” However, you refused to listen. Hannah mailed the bonds to the Cayman Islands, and the Triplets’ insurance will cover the lost property, allowing them to record a loss. She states, “The affluent grow richer and we get to live.”

Naturally, Ray can’t stop himself and descends back down to the sub-floor to leave one item in Roger’s personal vault: a necklace stolen during their most recent disastrous heist at the Glen Hills Country Club.