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Karan Johar tried to ignore Ayushmann Khurrana as a star- Revealed in His Book-The breaking Code

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The unexpected fate of one of the hopeful and adept actors Sushant Singh Rajput has attended to different revelations and rumors about the film industry. Actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s end of life has brought the nepotism debate back. The one person who is facing massive reaction is filmmaker Karan Johar, blamed for “being forgiving only against the star kids”.

Karan Johar’s name has also been formulation headlines.

In 2015, Bollywood actor Ayushmann Khurrana started his book breaking the Code: My Journey in Bollywood and one different quote from the same has been going quickly on the internet.

Karan Johar bully Ayushmann Khurrana and said we only work with stars. Ayushmann discloses on the documentary that Karan Johar had to avoid him at the start of his course. Karan transfers him a landline number and when Ayushmann tested calling him on that, the receptionist told him that they only work with Start Kids.

Ayushmann discloses that as an actor he had to be accurate of what he said. He said, “when I was an RJ, I keep be myself absolutely free to say anything that was on my mind.”

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