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Kendall Jenner criticized by her fans for the Pepsi Commercial and being silent on the On-going Protest

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In 2017 there was a commercial of Pepsi “Jump In” in which Jenner is criticized widely and taken out from it. In the advertisement she takes out her blonde wig, removing her lipstick to join the protest of an activist who is holding a banner for peace. In this, she did not protest instead, takes a can of Pepsi, and given it to a police officer as a sign of peace and crowd behind her start cheering for it. The police officer smiled in response.

She gave the reaction on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”, her family show which is hit. It was filmed there that the supermodel has regret to participate.

Jenner said that she did not want to offend or hurt other people. Even Pepsi is also regretting on commercial and putting her at this position. See the full commercial below-

As the protest is going in the streets of America, Jenner’s controversy of Pepsi has reappeared and many people are accusing her while she is sitting at her home in California instead of speaking out as well as marching.

Kendal Criticized on being Silent on the Protest

One user had made a tweet that she has no talent and even she is not speaking anything about the issue prevailing at present. Others said that suddenly she got silent and thought she was the police brutality queen of Pepsi.

Different posts are there on social media for Jenner criticizing her for the action but still, she had not responded to any of the backlashes on social media.

But in her accounts of social media, she had put some statements about the things happening around the nation. She had shared her feeling on Instagram as-

Jenner wanted to say that just by being on the platforms is not enough for correcting the system. She concluded this by posting a black square image on her Instagram with caption #blacklivesmatter

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