Kim Jong Un in a Coma, sister set to take control, South Korean ex-diplomat alleges

A South Korean ex-diplomat Chang Song-min has made the speculations on the rogue nation’s health. He said that Kim Jong was in a coma but has not died. To fill the vacuum created due to his absence, his sister Kim Yo Jung will be perched to take the reins. 

His allegations have come a few days after the news from the South Korean Spy Agency said that the 36-year-old leader has started to delegate his work among his close aides which also included her sister. Though, he would remain as the ultimate authority.

As per the reports from the Yonhap News Agency, this was announced to the private meeting of the lawmakers last week. Still, there is no surety of the claims as previously too, the long absence of the king from the public spotlight had lead to many speculations about his health.

Written by Diksha

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