King of Spices whose 90% of the salary went to Charity is NO More

MDH Owner Death : Condolences pour in for Mahashay Dharampal

The King of Spices well known for his high spirits and promoting his brand MDH on televsion commercials and on evry pack of amasala is no more.

On hearing the name “MDH”, an old man with turban comes into our mind. He once said that his motivation to work is the drive to offer the best of product quality at the most affordable prices. He is a second generation entrepreneur with 90% of his salary went to charity.

His father Chuni Lal had started this as a small shop in Sialkot, Pakistan in the year 1919, is now a well-established business of Rs 1500 crore. This includes a masala company, nearly 20 schools, and a hospital. After, the partition of India and Pakistan, his father came to Karol Bagh in Delhi and opened 20 factories supplying masala to 1000 dealers all across India.

Gulati, who was fondly called Dadaji or Mahashayji, was a fifth-grade school dropout. He diligently made daily rounds of factories, markets, and dealers including on Sundays until he was satisfied everything was in order.