Know Which Celebs Got Affected Directly by the Coronavirus

The world is going through a rough phase and has practically come to a standstill due to the ongoing pandemic. These are tough times for sure. 

The celebrities are no different and are also being impacted by the novel corona virus. This seems to be a scary situation for everyone. Recently the much loved Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson announced that they have been tested positive for the highly infectious virus. 

Other celebrities of the tinsel town are also coming up with their side of the story.

Camp associated with the Pitch Perfect movies also came up with the announcement that she has been tested positive for corona virus. She tested negative, but still had some of the symptoms. She was feeling unwell. She just forgot to wear her mask one time in public and that is time she got the disease. She advises everyone else to wear a mask all the time. 

Kevin, Jennifer Aniston’s friend is also recovering from COVID-19.

The celebrity recently shared a heartbreaking photograph of her dear friend battling the disease in the hospital. She was hooked up to tubes and wires. Aniston said that COVID is pretty much real and all that we can do is to wear a mask in the public. Thankfully, Kevin is fine now. 

Image Source: Rotten Tomatoes

Chuck Woolery’s son also tested positive for COVID-19

Image Source: WXYZ Detroit

The previous Love Connection host, Woolery believed that COVID-19 is not for real and thought it to be a desperate attempt to change the election scene. When his son tested positive for the novel corona virus, his perception about the disease completely changed.