Kylie Jenner is on Spending Spree to Show Billionaire Status

Kylie Jenner is on Spending Spree to Show Billionaire Status

In recent months, Kylie Jenner had shown her status of being a billionaire by purchasing multiple big real estates and a huge private jet for more than $ 100 million. On Friday as per Forbes report Kylie who is just 22 years for getting the title of a self-made youngest billionaire by faking its tax returns as well as combining it with many lies for boosting her worth.

As per the business magazine due to coronavirus, the beauty industry has gone down, so is makeup mogul worth is less than even $900 million after taking into account Kylie Cosmetics’ revenue. Michael Kump, her lawyer had countered the accusation of Forbes stating that it is false that Kylie as well as her accountants did not forge any tax returns.

On the other side, page six is showing how Kylie is spending money. As per a source, before the pandemic, she had spent around $ 50 to $ 70 million at a Global Express jet. In February, she had fitted for the theme birthday party of her daughter Stromi’s. The theme of the party is “Stromi world” which includes bouncy castles, carnival rides as well as themed areas such as Frozen World.

Kylie Jenner is on Spending Spree to Show Billionaire Status

In April at Holmby Hills, Calif she had bought estate worth $ 36.5 million with a vacant plot of land which cost $ 15 million which is just next to her home at Hidden Hills. She had hired Richard Landry architect of Tom Brady’s to build a house for her. In Palm Springs in Madison Club, she had bought land worth $ 3.25 million which is next to the desert pad of her mom Kris Jenner. She had also hired another costly architect for building houses from the beginning.

She is also gifting expensive gifts to her family as well as friends as Birkin Bag with diamonds on it to her mom. Millions had been donated for various causes as relief from coronavirus, charities for women, and Australia wildlife relief.

As per the source, the sister of Kylie is having concerns with her spending habits. As per her that though she is having enough money but Kylie is not realizing, how easy it is to blow all. Kylie may have in the past year spent more than $ 130 million.