Lady Gaga on the death of George Floyd’s said that tragedy is there in the country by Targeting Donald Trump too

Lady Gaga on the death of George Floyd’s said that tragedy is there in the country by Targetting Donald Trump too

On Saturday, Lady Gaga on the death of George Floyd as well as in a statement made in Social media blasted at President Donald Trump. In this Gaga said, she wanted to say a lot of things but she is afraid that it may increase the anger as it is more on the emotional side. She said she does want to incite violence further instead wanted to work on a solution.

She said that with the death of George Floyd she is very angry. There are many lives of black has been taken in this country over hundreds of years due to racism and this corruption in the system is supporting it. Whenever the voice is being raised by the black community it has been silenced and that silence has proved to be deadly again and again.  It does not matter for what they are doing the protest, there is no compassion by these leaders who are there for protecting them. People in America every day behaved as a racist only.

The Chromatica singer, Taylor Swift had also blamed the administration of Trump for avoiding an issue of racism in America.

Gaga said that since long President Trump has already been failed. Despite holding the most powerful office around the world, no support and total ignorance have been given to black. She knew it from the beginning that she is a racist, fool from the day he joined office. He is just fueling in the system full of racist activity and we all could see that what is happening around. Now it’s time for us to change.

With the artist such as Rihanna, Beyonce, and Billie Eilish, Lady Gaga has joined for speaking in the George Floyd’s death aftermath as well as the arrest of Derek Chauvin, former Minnesota police officer for doing 3rd-degree murder. She said this is not justice and tragedy which is there in the country for long. She expressed that she is sad and angry. She will use the power of words to tell that there is a need for a change and she thinks it is the only possible non-violent and effective way possible with her.