Lamka unfolds: stories from the football-loving city of Manipur

Imagine an old town with pretty communities brimming with historic charm and scenic beauty; rolling hills, rivers, churches, rice paddies, small cafes, football fields on the outskirts of the city with beautiful seasonal flowers and fruits that can be found all year round; everyone knows everyone in one way or another, and different communities have their personalities, backstories and ways of doing things, but share the same passion for the wonderful game – football. And you will be here, with Lamka.

In times when communities are divided into bitterness and strife and chaos erupts for vague causes. When the streets are overflowing with alcoholics, addicts, the unemployed and hypocrites for people who beg, get high, steal and sell. When people are lost – in deeper confusion, insecurities and discouraged without vision and hope. This small town desperately needs light somewhere along the tunnel.

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