Larry King Talked About Death of both his Son and Daughter in a 3 Weeks Gap

On Saturday, Larry King who was the host of talk shows Revealed that his two children died in 3 weeks close to each other. Andy King, 65, his son had passed away in July with a heart attack and Chaia King, 52, his daughter died this week only from lung cancer, as written by King on Facebook.

He said both of them are kind and good, being missed a lot. No parents need to bear the pain of losing their child. He appreciates the kind sentiments with good wishes, but he said that he and his family need a private healing time.

Image Credits- Fox News

Children are from his marriage with Alene Atkins in 1961. They got divorced and remarried in the year 1967, then divorced in 1971. King and Chaia had written the children’s book together in 1997 with the title Daddy Day, Daughter Day, which is about their divorce experience.

In 2017 when Atkins had passed away, it is tweeted by King. In Ora TV’s “Larry King Now” from 1985 to 2010, TV interviewer as he takes celebrities’ interview, which includes internet stars and leaders. 

In 2019, King 86 had gone for heart procedures as he faces issues in Chest. King has four children from a previous marriage and also a stepfather. He had divorced Shawn Southwick in 2019, a recent spouse.