Laura Savoie, 27, and Dennis Quaid, 65, married in Hawaii

Dennis Quaid has disclosed he wed partner Laura Savoie in an unrevealed ceremony earlier this month. The couple got engaged last October. The couple married at a seaside resort on 2 June 2020. They also had initially prepared to marry in Hawaii. The couple early met at a business occurrence before they started dating in May last year, and Dennis directly appealed to the blonde beauty.

Savoie told the publication that she was lifted by the presider’s message of what it really means to carry your lives together. Quaid has been married three times before, including once to Meg Ryan, with whom he has a son, Jack, 28, actor PJ Soles from 1978, son Jack in 1992. People were taken aback by the couple’s age difference. They planned to give a second reception in Nashville but had to delay their plans due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Laura Savoie, 27, and Dennis Quaid, 65, married in Hawaii
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Dennis Quaid said he met Laura in a business event. He also said you have no control over your feelings and who you fall in love with. In the time between Dennies proposed her Laura dated another actor, Jeremy Piven she was also a student in Austin’s McCombs School of Business and pursuing her Ph.D. But now officially she is a stepmom of Dennis’ three kids.

Hollywood star has also confessed to being wowed by her intelligence, as well as her beauty but choose to marry the love of his life Dennis. Dennis also said that this will be his final marriage.