Level-up leisure time with the best Nintendo Switch accessories

Level-up leisure time with the best Nintendo Switch accessories

Here, there, everywhere: The Nintendo Switch is a gaming machine for each particular person and every region. It’s portable or it goes to even be connected to your TV. The Switch comes with two Pleasure-Con controllers that can connect to its camouflage, purpose as a combo controller, or act as individual controllers. That’s the entirety you’ll ever want, upright? Sorry to affirm but, as we’ve realized for decades at this level, there’s continuously innovation in the on-line game console accessory home. From further controllers to camouflage protectors, conditions to grips, it’s seemingly you’ll perhaps well perhaps also without advise trick out your Nintendo Switch with the suitable switch equipment and skills it appropriate that vital extra—and in total for a bargain impress to boot.

  • Ideal Switch controller: Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
  • Ideal stand for Switch: Hori Compact Playstand
  • Ideal Nintendo Switch camouflage protector: amFIlm Tempered Glass
  • Ideal Nintendo Switch case: Orlzly Lift Case Compatible with Nintendo Switch
  • Ideal memory card for Nintendo Switch: SanDisk microSDXC Card
  • Ideal Switch grip: Satisfye ZenGrip Pro
  • Ideal Switch charging place: PowerA Pleasure Con & Pro Controller Charging Dock

How we rob the suitable switch equipment

To lift a checklist it’s seemingly you’ll perhaps well perhaps also belief, we combined palms-on study with suggestions drawn from in-home reviewers and extreme consensus. Every person of those equipment attain extremely suggested from extra than one gamers or outlets, and the tall majority possess spent some length of time in my sizzling shrimp palms.

What to effect in mind when picking the suitable Nintendo Switch equipment

The Switch isn’t the most costly on-line game machine on the market, because it’s anywhere from 60- to 80-percent the associated payment of the powerfully monolithic Xbox Sequence X and PS5. However, it’s additionally now not precisely cheap and, being designed for on-the-streak spend, the Nintendo Switch can halt up experiencing an predominant amount of abuse, specifically when when compared with those home leisure center-hotfoot consoles. Design security is without doubt one of many final notice things to evaluate may perhaps well perhaps possess to you’re at threat of taking your Switch on public transit, avenue trips, or on vacation with you. Be pleased a mobile phone, you’ll desire to guard your Switch’s camouflage. Nothing is extra frustrating than taking part in a expansive game with an ever-contemporary scratch staring you in the face. You’ll additionally likely desire to make investments in a carrying case. While the Switch’s most foremost physique with Pleasure-Con controllers hooked up may perhaps well perhaps without advise trot into a backpack, shoulder bag, or outsized pocket, the analog sticks on the Pleasure-Cons may perhaps well perhaps without advise snag on something in transit, which can perhaps well perhaps make a contribution to early Pleasure-Con drift onset, which makes your alter much less real and in some conditions forces you to change the Pleasure-Cons completely. Furthermore, while the Switch’s physique within reason durable, you proceed to desire something to assist soak up the inevitable shocks of commute. Lastly, may perhaps well perhaps possess to you’re love me and aloof take dangle of attempting to catch physical games at any time when that it’s seemingly you’ll perhaps well perhaps also judge (unlike digital, it’s seemingly you’ll perhaps well perhaps also promote them to recoup some of their price may perhaps well perhaps possess to you’re achieved taking part in), you’ll desire something designed to lift all those further runt game cards with a conception to protect a ways from a $60 loss of something about the dimensions of your thumbnail.

Gain I want further controllers?

First, demand yourself may perhaps well perhaps possess to you play multiplayer games with chums offline. Ought to you enact, you fully want now not now not as much as two further Nintendo Switch controllers. A mountainous sequence of multiplayer Switch games are specifically designed for as much as four gamers to play simultaneously on one camouflage, collectively with “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe,” “Tremendous Shatter Bros. Remaining,” and “Tremendous Mario Party.” A few of the suitable multiplayer games, specifically those designed by Nintendo themselves, enable a region of Pleasure-Cons to be vulnerable as two separate controllers, which is why finest two extra are important.

Ought to you are inclined to snatch single-participant games and utilize any time in anyway in front of the TV with your Switch, I would aloof recommend attempting to catch an further knowledgeable-model controller. It goes to operate the suitable Nintendo Switch games even better. These controllers resemble the Xbox and PS5 controllers and are simply extra ergonomic, real, and durable than the Pleasure-Cons. In particular for shooter games love “Splatoon 2” or “Fortnite,” which require extra real inputs with faster reactions, an knowledgeable-model controller can critically enhance your results within games. Perennial action-scurry favorites “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” and “Tremendous Mario Odyssey” additionally greatly glean pleasure from the increased precision. While we enact provide the total finest controller available on this rundown, it’s seemingly you’ll perhaps well perhaps also additionally test out our evaluate of some varied expansive controllers.

What are the suitable companies in terms of Switch equipment?

While some of the suitable objects attain from companies that don’t map relatively a pair of equipment, there are those specializing in accessory assemble and production and may perhaps well in total be relied on for a high quality product, despite the proven truth that it didn’t operate our checklist. Nintendo themselves finest makes a rob few equipment for the Switch and they’ve an inclination to be pricier than third-glean collectively choices, but the typical is virtually continuously there. Hori—which produces a extensive sequence of apparatus for the US, European, and Japanese market—additionally has a chain of stand-out objects. Mad Catz is a smartly-identified accessory manufacturer (now primarily based in Hong Kong) whose products are additionally available in world markets, though they’ve an inclination to favor flashier assemble over unquestionable quality. Keep a ways from, nonetheless, relatively a pair of unknown manufacturers out of mainland Asia and additionally skip plenty of the “top rate” manufacturers. The extinct are inclined to be cheap but possess low reliability while the latter in total halt up charging for the name on the aspect of the product bigger than innovation or quality.

The correct Nintendo Switch equipment for 2021 Critiques & Suggestions

The below suggestions are, as of now, the suitable switch equipment in each class, but there are relatively a pair of solid products that attain shut. As continuously, it’s finest may perhaps well perhaps possess to it’s seemingly you’ll perhaps well perhaps also streak perceive at these products in a retailer earlier than procuring them, appropriate to scrutinize in particular person if the superb or assemble fits you earlier than you commit to it.

Ideal Switch controller: Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

nintendo switch pro controller best switch accessories

Pro In Every Formulation

Overjoyed, responsive, and knowledgeable, here’s a important upgrade for nearly any form of game. Nintendo

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Why it made the prick: Every feature you desire in an ergonomic create ingredient with the reliability and efficiency that can finest be guaranteed by a important-glean collectively product, Nintendo’s top rate wi-fi controller gets the entirety upright, from the burden to the springiness of the shoulder buttons.


  • Wi-fi
  • Movement controls
  • Rumble compatibility
  • Amiibo reader
  • Internal battery prices with USB-C to USB-A cable incorporated
Pros: Cons:
  • Broad layout
  • Extra costly than third-glean collectively controllers
  • A responsive directional pad
  • Entirely a pair of color choices
  • Every important feature incorporated
  • By technique of an further controller, you desire two things: feel and efficiency. Nintendo’s Switch Pro Controller delivers each. Extremely smartly-fitted to most adult palms, the Pro Controller has appropriate the upright weight, pleased and responsive buttons and sticks, and diverse bells and whistles. Need to make spend of circulation controls equivalent to it’s seemingly you’ll perhaps well perhaps perhaps with the Pleasure-Cons? Take a look at. Need to scan the chips in your Amiibo figures, unlocking bonuses in some of your games? Take a look at. Need the buzzes and jolts that attain from rumble suggestions? Take a look at. The battery life on the Pro Controller is spectacular, too, outperforming each the PS4’s DualShock4 and the Xbox One’s Wi-fi Controller. The correct drawback of the Pro Controller is that, as a important-glean collectively Nintendo product, it infrequently goes on sale. Ought to it’s seemingly you’ll perhaps well perhaps perhaps love one (and I judge you enact desire one), you’re going to hope to plunk down $60 to $70 as a rule. While that’s bigger than most varied suggestions, it’s price every penny. There’s no better classic option for the suitable switch controller than Nintendo’s personal Switch Pro Controller. It’s a joy to make spend of. 

    Ideal stand for Switch: Hori Compact Playstand

    Straightforward But Stylish

    A solidly constructed, adjustable stand that makes the Switch so much more easy to play in “tabletop mode,” the Hori Compact Playstand finest does one ingredient, nonetheless it does it moreover to any product can. Hori

    Take a look at Imprint

    Why it made the prick: Nearly about every Switch stand vulnerable a the same assemble, but Hori’s contribution has superior development quality, with thicker plastic, rubber grips, and the suitable spacing to operate it easy to glean entry to the Switch camouflage’s backside charging port.


    • Adjustable
    • Available in extra than one officially ticket character adaptations
    • Designed for taking part in while charging
    • Rubberized grips
    • Folds for easy transport
    Pros: Cons:
  • A entire bunch designs to rob from
  • Is aloof appropriate an angled part of plastic
  • Stable development
  • No constructed-in charging capabilities
  • Appropriate spacing
  • Some Switch stands are attempting to be a change dock, but what you truly want from the suitable switch stand is an even bigger tabletop mode. The abnormal switch comes with a runt kickstand on the assist so as that the camouflage will even be positioned on a flat surface and the Pleasure-Cons will even be eradicated for some shrimp-camouflage native multiplayer. The Hori Compact Playstand improves that skills by elevating the Switch camouflage so as that the USB port on the backside of the Switch that prices the unit will even be accessed, increases the that it’s seemingly you’ll perhaps well perhaps also judge camouflage angles to some, and creates a vital extra loyal spoiled than the one, thin kickstand that is in-constructed. Furthermore, the Compact Playstand will even be folded flat for easy transport with your Switch in a backpack or shoulder bag. In particular purposeful for vacations, when it’s a ways basically helpful to pack mild and forgo the dock and HDMI cables, the Compact Playstand makes the prospect of tabletop play a shrimp extra appetizing.

    Ideal Nintendo Switch camouflage protector: amFIlm Tempered Glass

    Nearly about Unnoticeable Protection

    Stir, solid, and easy, the amFilm Tempered Glass Cloak Protector is the suitable camouflage protector on the market, offering security that—when effectively utilized—is sort of invisible.


    Take a look at Imprint

    Why it made the prick: A part of mind for finest a pair of dollars, the amFilm Tempered Glass Cloak Protector protects completely without vital noticeable alternate to the skin of the Switch’s camouflage.


    • 99.9-percent transparency
    • 0.3mm thick
    • Scratch- and smudge-resistant
    • Comes with wet wipes, a microfiber cleaning fabric, squeeze card, hinge stickers, and an set up recordsdata
    Pros: Cons:
  • Extremely particular
  • Requires a shrimp of dexterity to glean to observe completely,
  • Very solid
  • Can alternate the reflective quality of the camouflage
  • The Switch is smartly-made but infrequently hurt-proof and the camouflage is typically the first victim of a regrettable incident. The amFilm Tempered Glass Cloak Protector is proof towards scratches, smudges, and even liquids without greatly affecting the touchscreen properties of the Switch’s camouflage. It is a ways thin enough that the Switch aloof without advise slides into its dock or carrying case. Sadly, the camouflage protector does magnify reflections off the Switch’s camouflage, that may also just operate taking part in in sunlight hours a shrimp bit extra advanced, but the alternate-off is price it. Installation and maintenance are relatively easy and a broken-down pack comes with two protectors, so may perhaps well perhaps possess to you happen to hurt the camouflage protector at some level or the adhesive starts to realize assist off (which is ready to happen at closing), you don’t wish to make a decision one more one. Furthermore, you glean some set up and cleaning provides, collectively with wipes and a microfiber cleaning fabric, plus a “squeeze card” to want any air bubbles that glean trapped between the Switch camouflage and the protector. Gain hotfoot you protect the just dimension for your Switch, nonetheless, because the spoiled Switch and Switch Lite (click on on our recordsdata to be taught which Nintendo Switch console it’s seemingly you’ll perhaps well perhaps possess to aloof protect) possess varied dimensions for the camouflage.

    Ideal Nintendo Switch case: Orlzly Lift Case Compatible with Nintendo Switch

    Stylish and Accurate

    Slim yet astronomical, the Orzly Lift Case has heaps of room while now not taking on too vital itself.


    Take a look at Imprint

    Why it made the prick: Exhibiting as a superb sleek shaded clutch, the Orlzly Lift Case is a slim-profile case that also manages to protect the entirety or now not it’s crucial to game on the streak making it the suitable Nintendo switch case.


    • Fits the stylish Nintendo Switch with each Pleasure-Cons hooked up
    • Larger pocket can protect further joy-cons, cables, or varied shrimp equipment
    • Recreation pocket flap holds as much as 8 game cards
    • Exhausting EVA shell exterior
    • 9 color choices
    Pros: Cons:
  • Slim profile
  • Can now not home an knowledgeable controller or varied bigger accessory
  • Appropriate outer security
  • No buffer for Pleasure-Con analog sticks
  • Snug fit with room for equipment and games
  • Switch carrying conditions possess all came upon a moderately stylish assemble, but Orzly manages to outperform varied very the same-having a gaze conditions with its superior materials, solid impress level, and acceptable amount of home while placing ahead a slim profile. The 9 color choices indicate it’s seemingly you’ll perhaps well perhaps perhaps catch a case that matches your personal superb. Weighing finest about half of a pound, the Lift Case compacts relatively a pair of free objects into something vital extra manageable. However, it’s a ways basically helpful to possess a examine out about the device in which you prepare objects in the upper pocket, as overstuffing it may perhaps well perhaps lead to the Pleasure-Con analog sticks having strain positioned on them while in the case, which can perhaps well perhaps reason some hurt. Furthermore, take into fable that this product is now not sized for the Switch Lite and as a change Orzly provides a varied model for that mannequin of the Nintendo Switch.

    Ideal memory card for Nintendo Switch: SanDisk microSDXC Card

    Cute and Respectable

    The correct officially licensed microSDXC cards for Switch, SanDisk pairs knowledgeable storage with superb shrimp Nintendo designs.


    Take a look at Imprint

    Why it made the prick: Most microSDXC cards will enact the job, but finest SanDisk does it with such model and warranted compatibility.


    • Available in 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB
    • Cute reliable Nintendo iconography
    • Absolutely acceptable with all versions of the Switch console
    Pros: Cons:
  • Cute
  • Reasonably extra costly than no-name manufacturers
  • Available in three sizes
  • Ideal available in three sizes
  • Here also can very smartly be one of my least emphatic suggestions for finest switch equipment, as any respected ticket of microSDXC card may perhaps well perhaps be the suitable memory card for a Nintendo Switch. What SanDisk provides is a shrimp bit of aptitude and a truly licensed product. Featuring a Mario Mushroom on the purple 128GB card, a Tremendous Neatly-known particular person on the yellow 256GB card, and an “Animal Crossing” leaf on the green 512GB card, these SanDisk microSDXC cards are very superb. Compatibility is guaranteed and the cards slot without advise into the Switch’s card port. As for dimension, your needs will attain down to whether or now not you intend to head all-in on digital games and may perhaps well perhaps possess to you intend to desire as a potential to play relatively a pair of games similtaneously. The 128GB card is bigger than enough for the occasional digital-finest game may perhaps well perhaps possess to you intend to play the entire tall titles off of gamecards, while the 256GB card is supreme for those that don’t want glean entry to to a bunch of games on the the same time but desire to head largely digital. And 512GB is for the voracious gamer who needs dozens of games effect in simultaneously.

    Ideal Switch grip: Satisfye ZenGrip Pro

    Grip It and Rip It

    A daring ergonomic upgrade over the Switch as designed, the Satisfye ZenGrip Pro slots in without advise to decrease the threat of shedding your Switch and enhance the placement of your fingers on the buttons. Satisfye

    Take a look at Imprint

    Why it made the prick: An tantalizing answer to a tall (palms) subject, the Satisfye ZenGrip Pro replicates the sensation of an even bigger controller on the shrimp Switch Pleasure-Cons when in handheld mode.


    • Anti-scratch silicone tabs
    • Asymmetrical assemble to decrease fatigue
    • Thumbstick caps incorporated
    Pros: Cons:
  • Feels expansive in the palms
  • Need to be eradicated to place a Switch in a broken-down carrying case
  • Thumbstick caps are much less slippery and enhance clickability
  • One of many final notice complaints by adults the usage of the Nintendo Switch is how runt their palms can feel while taking part in in handheld mode. Satisfye ZenGrip Pro, the suitable switch grip areas out your palms extra naturally while giving a solid nub for your fingers to take, resulting in a superior handheld skills. The grip is solidly constructed and makes spend of silicon tabs to cradle the Switch, resulting in much less surface contact while placing ahead snugness and heading off scratches on the Switch’s physique. The incorporated thumbstick caps possess a vital extra tactile rubber feel to them, making the analog sticks more easy to roll and click on. As with most grip products, it’s seemingly you’ll perhaps well wish to want the ZenGrip Pro to dock the Switch and may perhaps well perhaps possess to you possess a broken-down Switch carrying case, the ZenGrip Pro will now not fit into it, though Satisfye does provide a specifically designed carrying case may perhaps well perhaps possess to you’d love to retain your Switch in it in handheld mode at all instances. The ZenGrip Pro began as a venture on Kickstarter and Indiegogo and has change into a moderately tall success largely on the assist of toughen by the Switch group, which locations it over the end in terms of our recommendation for finest switch equipment.

    Ideal Switch charging place: PowerA Pleasure Con & Pro Controller Charging Dock

    Tidy Electricity

    Ought to you protect further controllers, it’s seemingly you’ll perhaps well perhaps also bolt out of USB slots to price them, or it’s seemingly you’ll perhaps well perhaps also desire an even bigger-having a gaze position for them to price. PowerA provides appropriate what you’d like. PowerA

    Take a look at Imprint

    Why it made the prick: Reasonably of overkill for many gamers, purposeful for others, the PowerA Pleasure Con & Pro Controller Charging Dock is the suitable switch charging place may perhaps well perhaps possess to you are inclined to host game evening and desire to retain your entire devices powered at all instances.


    • Prices two Pleasure-Con controllers and one Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
    • Straightforward race-in assemble
    • USB-C dongle attaches to Pro Controller for quickly drop & price functionality
    • LEDs camouflage individual price plight
    Pros: Cons:
  • Compact, tantalizing
  • Reasonably weighty
  • Works each a region of Pleasure-Cons and knowledgeable Controller
  • Unruffled tethered by USB
  • Consist of portable price block for Pro Controller
  • Ought to you took our advice above and sold a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, the default device of charging it’s a ways to connect it to the Switch Dock with an incorporated USB-to-USB-C cable. If your most celebrated seat is much from your dock or you just desire something a shrimp cooler having a gaze to expose your controllers on while they price, the PowerA Pleasure Con & Pro Controller Charging Dock provides some further advantages over the Switch’s dock. A USB dongle that attaches to the Pro Controller permits some quickly charging while taking part in and additionally serves as an indicator of the Pro Controller’s contemporary level of price (which you typically would want to register the controller menu on the home camouflage). The dock is powered by a USB paddle, so assuming you possess an adapter, it’s seemingly you’ll perhaps well perhaps also paddle it into the outlet nearest your gaming seat. The charging place helps lend a hand your further controllers collectively and organized as smartly. While a shrimp of a luxury, the PowerA Pleasure Con & Pro Controller Charging Dock is aloof relatively purposeful.


    Q: What equipment enact you’d like with the switch?

    Need is a loaded timeframe but, of your entire objects in our rundown, the Pro Controller is the most suggested. It simply improves the play skills vastly may perhaps well perhaps possess to you play in TV mode. It goes to be one of many most pleased controllers ever designed, with a weight and shape that appears very natural to make spend of and any game requiring real controls will enhance with its spend.

    Q: Does a camouflage protector conceal scratches on Nintendo Switch?

    Cloak protectors are supposed to end scratches in preference to conceal them, so existing scratches won’t magically depart whenever you observe a camouflage protector. However, this also can just assist them to now not change into bigger and may perhaps well just decrease the reflection off them, making them appear much less noticeable from hotfoot angles of sunshine.

    Q: How enact I operate my Nintendo Switch stand out?

    A sequence of the switch equipment talked about here attain in extra than one colors or with branded characters available on them and these graphic adaptations are a expansive technique to customize your switch. Furthermore, there are many silicone rubber wraparound conditions for each the stylish Switch and the Switch Lite that can alternate the color of your entire machine or effect explicit characters on it. These are inclined to be much less efficient as security, though. There are even thumbstick caps with varied designs on them which also can very smartly be supposed to be purely superb

    The final notice on enhancing your gaming skills with the suitable Nintendo Switch equipment for 2021

    Despite your entire superior choices Nintendo made, there’s aloof home to enhance your Switch. A Pro Controller is a no brainer, but the remainder of the switch equipment will likely rely in your play traits and private needs. Every of the decisions above adds something, but that something also can just now not be important to you. That’s elegant! Perhaps the Switch fits your palms, perhaps you take dangle of to price your controllers straight into the Switch’s dock. Accessories are supplemental by nature but, may perhaps well perhaps possess to you perceive the upright ones, it’s seemingly you’ll perhaps well perhaps also just marvel the device in which you ever lived without them.