‘Life is hard being beautiful – people say I’m so hot I’m a catfish’

‘Life is hard being beautiful – people say I’m so hot I’m a catfish’

It could perchance perchance also be straightforward to ponder that having the ‘excellent’ resolve and the face of an angel would fabricate for an more straightforward hump in life, nonetheless in step with Veronika Rajek, being extremely fair correct making an strive is extra of a hindrance in life than a support.

The 25 twelve months outdated Instagram model says that thanks to her class, of us ponder she’s a catfish. And She’s now hitting relieve at trolls – insisting life is “more difficult for ravishing of us”.

Veronika claims that her Instagram profile continually will get deleted as followers document her for being faux, because she’s “too pretty” to exist.

Others allegedly bully the feeble Walk away out Slovakia 2016 finalist for having had plastic surgical operation, which she insists is now not even handed.

Veronika in a low cut top

Veronika insists being ravishing is ‘laborious’

“Other folks don’t even imagine I exist,” Veronika knowledgeable OK!. “It’s pretty discriminatory that other ladies folk can extinguish the identical assert as me and I can’t, and I elegant rep deleted thanks to my appears.

“I call myself an alien as of us don’t imagine I’m precise. They ponder I’m an AI robot or a catfish online. Other folks instruct ravishing of us enjoy it straightforward nonetheless I in point of fact enjoy it worse as of us fabricate it more difficult for me because I’m ravishing.”

Veronika with a pint in hand

Too fair correct to be precise? Many of us settle on Veronika is a “catfish”

The model, who relies in Vienna, Austria, travels the realm making whine material for her Instagram – and claims of us are “always bowled over” after they meet her for the main time.

The feeble Walk away out Slovakia 2016 finalist claims she receives hundreds of messages from ladies folk physique shaming her in most cases and that many recount she uses filters to plot her appears.

Veronika insists 'skinny girls can be body shamed too'

Veronika insists ‘skinny ladies will most likely be physique shamed too’

Veronika, who has 1.1 million followers on Instagram, said: “I rep messages from males who construct now not ponder I’m precise nonetheless the worst messages on my Instagram are from ladies folk asking me why I’m pretending and inquiring for proof.

“I don’t fabricate any adjustments, shaping or filters – I yell a skin smoothing instrument nonetheless I ponder that’s customary. Skinny ladies are physique shaming plus-sized devices nonetheless I’m being physique shamed too as they construct now not ponder I’m pure.

“I rep extra abuse from ladies folk as they are jealous they in most cases ponder I need their boyfriend. Ideal ladies folk can damage other ladies folk so strongly. I construct now not ponder I’m excellent nonetheless I’m pure in precise life, nonetheless of us are petrified of me and construct now not are making an strive to chat over with me.”

Veronika paid for a scan to prove to her followers her breasts are real

Veronika paid for a scan to voice to her followers her 36D breasts are precise

To total the rumours of plastic surgical operation and claims she’s a catfish or robot, Veronika has now resorted to determined measures – getting a scan of her breasts to voice of us coarse.

The model, who’s a 36D cup in most lingerie manufacturers, paid £75 for a breast examination whereas in Dubai in October, which incorporated a hastily scan.

She said: “I was compelled to extinguish this test-as a lot as rep of us to imagine me. Other folks question the naturality of my breasts so I went to a doctor to rep a breast examination and proof that they’re precise, and not using a enhancements, objects or scars.

“My doctor used to be in point of fact bowled over as she opinion I’d had surgical operation too and said I had presumably the most intelligent pure breasts.

Veronika's natural good looks can be the bane of her life

Veronika’s pure beauty can be the bane of her life, nonetheless she insists she takes care of her physique

“I worked out so noteworthy at teenage years that I developed muscles which fabricate my breasts a nice form. I’m now not making an strive to be sexual, I elegant enjoy mammoth boobs. God gave me these gifts and I need of us to imagine me.”

Veronika, who has been modelling since she used to be 14, additionally suffered tainted comments wheh she used to be younger too. In college, she used to be usually known as a “desk” or “giraffe” for being flat-chested.

She said: “I didn’t enjoy boobs until I was 17 or 18 and of us knowledgeable me I was worship a desk. They had been always making jokes that I was a giraffe and not using a breasts.”

Veronika smiling in a coffee shop

Veronika claims she used to be flat chested until she used to be 14

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Veronika takes fair correct care of her physique – the model doesn’t drink or event, and works out 5 cases a week, sharing fitness routines and saucy snaps on Instagram.

But her class has additionally reach at a model. She added: “‘I don’t enjoy many friends nonetheless I in point of fact feel fair correct.

“If you in point of fact feel ravishing the model you is liable to be, then you positively is liable to be ravishing. If you in point of fact feel confident on your physique and you is liable to be plus-sized, then elegant be confident. If you would perchance also fair enjoy got had plastic surgical operation, elegant be correct.

“If you’re taking care of end care of your self, you are going to be ravishing too. Naturality is smooth right here on this world.”

Build you would perchance also fair enjoy got the identical blueprint back as Veronika? If being ravishing makes your life advanced we would resolve to know about it. E-mail the cause why, and a image, to