LifeLike ‘DeepFake’ Of Tom Cruise Going Viral On TikTok Makes His Fan Freak Out!

With the Deepfake Artificial Intelligence technology, a user on Tik Tok transformed into Tom Cruise for a string of videos that made his fans freak out. 

No, Tom Cruise did not join TikTok. But a pretty realistic doppelgänger probably did. All thanks to the DeepFake technology, which is a kind of Artificial Intelligence that can replace one person’s face with another. Many of the fans believed that it was the superstar who actually posted these TikToks under the name “@deeptomcruise”. 

Tom Cruise deepfakes

The first video was uploaded on 22nd February that shows the faux Tom demonstrating the golf swing. “What’s up, TikTok? You guys cool if I play some sports?” said the Tik Toker, killing it on Tom’s voice. The “Deepfake” Tom did an incredible impersonation of Tom’s laugh at the end of the video and racked up about 1 million likes and 9 million views. The second video got even better as he shared the anecdote about the time in Russia. The video garnered about 1.7 million views. The video posted on February 26th was a pretty realistic one where the impersonator showed a magic trick with a coin. He said, “I’m going to show you some magic. It’s the real thing. I mean, uh, it’s all…the real…thing.”

Tom Cruise deepfakes on TikTok

The videos are super realistic and frightened the viewers. A person tweeted on one of these videos that “Deep fakes are getting scary good and taking over TikTok. Every public figure should just be on there with a verified account – even if they don’t want to make content – to make it easier to identify their fakes.” Another tweet stated that “I am genuinely scared by this Tom Cruise Deepfake. It‘s brilliant, but it‘s terrifying.” Someone pointed out that TikTok banned the Deepfakes in August 2020. 

The star Tom Cruise has his Twitter and Instagram accounts where he recently shared a video of him surprising the fans when heading to London in August 2020. Whether he tried or not, Tom’s fandom is such that he gets viral online.

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