Louis Vuitton Designs a Luxury Face Shield for $961

luxury fac

Owing to the pandemic, many big brands have created face masks and shields, and Louis Vuitton is the latest to venture into the production of these safety gears. The high-end retailer brand has decided to sell plastic face shields for $961. The shield will make a part in their Cruise Collection, 2021.

A statement in a report in the New York Post has called the face shield both ‘stylish’ and ‘protective’. Also, a few images of the shield were shared on the social media, which showed that it consisted of monogrammed strap which features the brand’s typical design. The movable shield is attached to it.

One of the reports in The Vanity Fair said that the shield could be worn as a peaked hat once it is flipped. It will be interesting to see how many other big names shall venture into the creation of safety components, which has become the need of the hour.