Malcolm and Marie movie review: Zendaya and John David Washington are mesmerizing in incendiary new Netflix film

Malcolm and Marie is a breathtaking relationship drama, directed by Sam Levinson and stars John David Washington and Zendaya. The movie which is structured like a boxing match and told with the intensity of a scream in an empty void has inspired endless debates. The director, Sam, who is also the writer, has made peak introspection both personally and professionally.

The movie was completely conceived and created during the pandemic, which was made with a skeletal crew in over two weeks in Monterey, California. Though there are no pulp thrills here as a Hollywood director and his actor girlfriend return home after a successful premiere of the latest film, and then proceed to participate in a fight which is a verbal equivalent of scenes in Raging Bull.

Malcolm is very ecstatic with the reaction to the movie and critics have also assured them that he has made a masterpiece. Marie is mostly silent as she prepares post-game mac and cheese for him. She warns him that nothing productive could be said then when Malcolm asks him what’s wrong. Marie says that she was upset that he forgot to thank her in his speech because she feels that the movie was largely inspired by her troubled past.

The movie could be triggering many people due to its filming in an unsettling chamber piece with a glorious black-and-white background. The movie shows how people in love can hurt each other and they have no room to escape from the situation.

Both, Malcolm and Marie are two sides of Levinson’s personality. One side shows his masculine egoistic side, which has hailed as a bold new voice in the world of American cinema. On the other side, is the feminine nature which he wants to tap into deeply and passionately to make and tell more women eccentric stories.

He was tremendously irritated by a white woman who gave a rave review of the movie and said that why should anyone’s race, or gender matter and said that he unleashes a horrible melee of insults at the critic. As a matter of fact, for every point that Levinson makes through his characters about art, love, and life- he has the other present a counterpoint.

The movie shows that Malcolm has an ego and Marie has her superego. Levinson writes himself into corners from where only he can escape. the lines in the movie are not naturalistic as one would imagine them to be, but both the actors are magnificent brash in one moment and vulnerable in the next.

The movie is designed to take all into an inebriated state which will demand you to think. It’s a film which will suggest that those who give you the deepest wound are best equipped to dress them usually.